Kelly Hayes, M.S., LMFT, LPCC
emdr therapist Kelly Hayes

With a special focus on Performance Enhancing EMDR Therapy, I help people of all levels move past what is holding them back. Traumatic experiences, whether big or small, can have a profound effect on feeling fearful, anxious or stuck. Not just for Olympic athletes, Peak Performance EMDR is for business professionals, students, actors, parents and everyday people searching to live and perform optimally.

For the CEO with a fear of public speaking, the student with test anxiety or the athlete in a sudden slump, EMDR is a powerful process based on scientific evidence of how the brain processes information. Both the conscious and subconscious blocks are identified and cleared, creating space to break through barriers that keep you from achieving your goals.

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Ask Yourself…

What is holding me back from achieving my goals?

Am I letting past setbacks keep me from taking risks?

Am I self-sabotaging?

Am I avoiding challenges for fear of failure?

Am I ready to attain success?

Combining specific EMDR techniques with talk therapy and personal support, you will build the mental outlook and life-long habits you need to excel at your highest level.

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