Lisa Newman, M.A., AMFT

emdr therapist Lisa Newman

I believe our bodies are messengers for our feelings and we often need to find a way back into our physical body in order to gain balance again. With a passion for understanding complex human behaviors, I work with adolescents, adults and couples who are looking to restore this balance to their lives. EMDR works in such a way that the therapist and individual discuss traumatic experiences and then the client simulates a type of eye movement found in REM sleep. Moving the eyes back and forth produces a way for the brain to reconsolidate traumatic experiences in a safe and comfortable environment, similar to REM. EMDR is a way to allow for healing from trauma and PTSD.

My process incorporates a combination of EMDR and talk therapy to address issues such as addiction, treatment-resistant depression, failure to launch, obsessive-compulsive disorder and complex trauma. I find that through these therapy modalities, I can create an experience that not only resonates but assists in promoting a sense of relief and emotional progress.

Under supervision of Irina Jodzio, LMFT (101107)

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